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Wow, what a short year!

It seems like just yesterday it was July. Is it just me or do these years keep getting shorter? By the way, I’m still streaming every weekday! Feel free to drop by and say hi.

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Just a friendly reminder!

This site is still here by golly.

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Well, poop!

It seems that I am still unable to remember this site. What can we do about this? Maybe a flogging is in order!

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It’s not my darn fault!

Seems the day after I posted my schedule someone pooped in my Post Toasties. Now I may have to change it yet again! When does this whole “freedom to do what I want” thing kick in? Being an adult sucks … Continue reading

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I’m sorry!

Seems I still can’t remember to either update this or nail down a solid streaming schedule. I should get better here soon, I suddenly find myself with a lot of extra time on my hands!

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So here’s what happened, between health issues and life issues I completely forgot about this! I still haven’t worked out a solid schedule that I could possibly stick with since I’m still a taxi for my daughter. So for now … Continue reading

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It’s great to be back!

I’ll start posting game related content here such as reviews, past streams, and funny clips. I will also add scheduling information as soon as I’ve made a solid decision on that.

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