Finally, a schedule!

Monday through Friday 11:00 am till I get tired, yes that’s a thing.

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Well, poop!

It seems that I am still unable to remember this site. What can we do about this? Maybe a flogging is in order!

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It’s not my darn fault!

Seems the day after I posted my schedule someone pooped in my Post Toasties. Now I may have to change it yet again! When does this whole “freedom to do what I want” thing kick in? Being an adult sucks as much if not more than being a kid.

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I’m sorry!

Seems I still can’t remember to either update this or nail down a solid streaming schedule. I should get better here soon, I suddenly find myself with a lot of extra time on my hands!

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So here’s what happened, between health issues and life issues I completely forgot about this! I still haven’t worked out a solid schedule that I could possibly stick with since I’m still a taxi for my daughter.

So for now here’s a general guideline. On Mondays and Thursdays I am usually on around 1:30 pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday I try to be on at 11:00 am unless there is server maintenance going on or I’ve managed to injure myself yet again.

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It’s great to be back!

I’ll start posting game related content here such as reviews, past streams, and funny clips. I will also add scheduling information as soon as I’ve made a solid decision on that.

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